Salem Center is an excellent place to find what you need in one-stop!

It’s located in the Center Street between High and Liberty Streets. It’s an enclosed shopping center in downtown Salem, Oregon. Currently, you can choose from more than 70 retailers and a food court.

The mall was opened in 1979 and used to be the home for the very first Meier & Frank department store. It’s now known as a prominent chain of department stores.

Perhaps, the mall also features five sky bridges that you and your family can walk to as you make your way to the different parts of the mall.

The mall offers a variety of services that you need in a single place.

If you need clothes for your whole family, you’re in the right place. They offer different clothing stores from men and women fashions to children’s styles, shoes, and toys. Therefore, visit Olive Boutique to get updates from the latest fashion trends. Perhaps, take your children to the Justice store to pick new toys to add to their collections.

You might try the latest version of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.  Another option is to buy some new video games in GameStop for your whole family to play.

Perhaps, you can also grab some lunch together in the different restaurants here. They serve from your favorite pizza, burgers, or even sushi. You can go to Little Sicily Pizza or Subway for those types of cravings. Experience the feeling of Japan’s country in Suki Hana Japan restaurant as you eat sushi together. If you love sweets, you can go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory instead. How about some treats?  Buy yourself and your family some mouthwatering sweet treats from candy apples, chocolate chip cookies, oreo cookie crumbles, and many more.

Aside from that, you can also buy cards, books, and gifts in the Made Oregon store for your family and friends in the upcoming holidays. Perhaps, take a beautiful family picture in JCPenney Portrait Studio to hang in your house walls.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a job, Salem Center has many vacancies for you.  Perhaps you can start and grow your own business here and enjoy the benefits of Salem Center Mall Leasing.

Thus Salem Center is the right place where you can have almost everything that you need. The location is accessible, and parking is convenient and free.


Salem takes shopping at it’s best.