Keizer, Oregon - Iris Farm

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Willamette Valley is a beautiful valley with a fantastic view of waters, but do you know what makes it more attractive?

It is more appealing than ever, for it is the home of the marvelous city of Keizer, Salem, Oregon.

The city is known for a couple of things. Yet, the residents’ most favorite fact about it is that it’s the home of the only In-N-Out burger in the area. You might hear about that restaurant already, but it is driving the people here crazy. They can’t resist the most delicious burgers and fries that this restaurant provides. They wait for over two hours for it in Keizer Station Shopping Center.

Don’t get me wrong, In-N-Out burger is a fast-food restaurant, and they have excellent customer service. It’s just that the lines there are incredibly long. You can’t blame the staff for the long wait. Everyone else is just looking forward to having these fantastic burgers and fries that they offer. But like what their customers said, it’s worth the wait. They got excellent menus from combos to not so secret menus where you can choose the fillings in your burger. They have like a double meat burger menu, filled with two American beef patties and fresh burger veggies stacked in a baked bun. Aside from double meat, you have the option to add more beef patties to your burger. They even have a protein style burger that your burger stacked in lettuce instead of a bun. You can choose from a variety of menu options that you can choose.

Keizer In and Out

Keizer’s In and Out Burger destination in Oregon.

More about Keizer, Salem, Oregon. It’s awards, festival and traditions…

However, aside from the In-N-Out Burger, Keizer Station Shopping Center is also a home for different popular shopping stores like Target, so you better check it out.

Well, aside from that, the city is also known for having significant groundwater. The Oregon Association of Water Utilities gave it the 1997 Best Tasting Groundwater in Oregon award.

The city sits on one of the most significant aquifers water supplies on the northwest coast.  So there’s no doubt about that.

Perhaps, the city also recognized as the “Iris Capital of the World.” They celebrate the annual Keizer Iris Festival every third weekend of May. Thousands of Irises bloom and filling the fields with its bright colors. The event is an excellent opportunity to showcase business, organization, and crafts, for they feature current Iris’ growing industry. They also have a parade, and car shows that surely be a lovely event to attend with your family.

You can also see the annual Keizer Miracle of Christmas Lighting Display hosted by Gubser school. The neighborhood’s residents put up Christmas lights along the roads with other various holiday-themed displays. It becomes an annual tradition for families to collect donations of non-perishable food and funds for Marion Polk Food Share, which in every visitor that will come to their direction. And over the last 30 years, the tradition has raised more than $300,000 and 300,000 pounds of food. It surely enough that helped a lot of people.

Moreover, Keizer, Oregon, is a fantastic city filled with fun activities and exceptional amenities that you’ll surely love.

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