Do you hate crowded places? Would you prefer to be surrounded by a few people as much as possible?

If you do, you need to check out this humble town in Salem, Oregon, called Labish Village, in Marion County. It is a suburban city with a population of only 466. No wonder that it offers a rural feeling. Fortunately, most of its residents own their homes.  

 Labish Village Great Amenities

1.     Jane Goodall Environmental Middle Charter School

Despite being small, Labish Village public schools are above average. Jane Goodall Environmental Middle Charter School ranks #74 in Best Public Middle School in Oregon. Also, it ranks #3 in Best Charter Middle Schools in Salem Area, according to Niche Ranks.

2.     Labish Village Park

It is one of the developments of the  Labish Village Park Committee. The said committee is formed by the citizens. And the completion of it took two years on July 30, 1977. It showcases 1,035 acres of year-round open parkland to play equipment and a baseball field that serves the city for years.

 3.     Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

If you once wish to be a Jedi or travel the outer space, you may want to visit the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. You can find this museum as you go 48.8km or 41 minutes away from Labish Village to McMinnville.  A visit to see the artifacts and spacecraft up close from rocket booster systems to operated or unoperated satellites is worth it. You may also want to check their popular exhibits like the Hughes Flying Boat H-4 Spruce Goose and World War II Aircraft Area.

 4.     Los Temos Taqueria

Treat yourself with the best tacos in the area. So better visit the Los Temos Taqueria. Indulge yourself in their grilled and marinated Mexican meats – Birria. Worth it to try a rich, spicy, salty broth with tender shredded goat meat.   Surely, you can enjoy it with a plate of limes, onions, cilantro, and every kind of hot sauce. It is the right place that takes home cooking to the next level. Families highly attend it on weekends, and they even have live musicians.

 5.      Wacky Indoor Bounce

Labish Village is also a child-friendly town. In fact, you can take your children to the best kid’s activities near it, like the Wacky Indoor Bounce. From the city to St. Corvallis,  it is 48 minutes away. What an excellent place for your kids to come! Let all their energy out. It provides comfy couches, tables, massage chairs, toy area, snacks, ice cream, and drinks. A clean and organized place that your kids may enjoy.

 Of all the things mentioned above, Labish Village is a great place to live. Why?

The residents in Labish Village are good.  Indeed, the neighborhood is full of activities both for —young people and young at heart.