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Do you consider living in Eola, Salem, Oregon? If you do, this article is right for you!

Eola, in Salem, Oregon, is known as an unincorporated community in Polk County. The Willamette River Bends to the east along the Highway 22 just three miles west of Salem. It only has a population of 51. That made the people of this community more connected to each other. You’ll love the quiet and peaceful feeling that this community offers.

History of Eola

Eola also has a rich history that you’ll surely want to know. Joshua Shaw and his son A.C.R Shaw founded the area in 1844. They originally named it as Cincinnati, for they thought that the site resembles Cincinnati, Ohio, where Joshua once lived. While in 1855, local musician Lindsay Robbins then changed the name of the town to Eola. She named it after an Aeolian harp, which is the only stringed musical instrument played by the wind.

Great Places to Visit in Eola

1.      Eola Bend County Park 

Aside from rich history, Eola also has the right places to visit with your family. If you want to explore an excellent place to have a picnic with your family, Eola Bend County Park is the right place for it. It features a picnic area with magnificent views of the Willamette River. You can also do wildlife viewing of osprey, herons, bald eagles, waterfowl, and other river-dwellers. Perhaps, appreciate the over 45,000 native plants in the area.

2.      Cafe 22 West

Furthermore, you might also want to take your family to Cafe 22 West. It is a vegetarian-friendly American restaurant that serves classic breakfast menus. They offer your favorite famous Belgian waffles to French toast and fresh fruits with whipped cream.

3.     Historical Brunk House

Also, take some steps back in time with your family in the Historical Brunk House. Polk County Historical Society owns and operates this house. It features an 1861 two-story farm home with outbuildings, orchards, and gardens. It is where you can explore what it’s like to live on a working farm at that time.

4. Chemeketa Eola Community College

Moreover, the first-ever Eola school is now used as a church because city schools began serving the area. Abigail Scott Duniway used to be the first teacher there in 1853. In that case, you might want to take your children to Chemeketa Eola Community College. It is an educational center for wine studies program. They maintain an intimate and long-standing relationship with the Oregon wine industry. However, if your children want to pursue other careers, there’s still a lot of nearby schools and universities that offer high-quality education for them.

Eola is indeed a great and safe place to live with your family. Living here feels like you’re more connected to mother nature. It is away from the stresses and chaotic noise of overpopulated cities.

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