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Where is Salem City?

 Salem is the capital city of Oregon. The city’s name, known as “Kalapuya” with an Indian name, Chemeketa, means “place of rest.” This name was later translated into the biblical name of Salem from Hebrews shalom, which means peace. Indeed, the history of the city says a lot about it.

 Salem was indeed a peaceful place. It is now known for its charming beauty. You can surely appreciate the gardens, fields of flowers, vineyards and green pastures. Its location is also perfect because it’s just one hour away from the ocean and the Cascade Mountains.

 Salem City Economy

In addition to its beauty, Salem also has a prosperous economy. It serves as a pivot for the area farming communities. Salem showcases the primary agricultural processing center. Therefore, it only has an unemployment rate of 4.70%, and 90.50% of its population has health insurance. Moreover, these facts should put a little more weight in your decision scale.  It presents a choice on whether to pick Salem as a new place to build your home and raise your kids.

 Things to do in Salem City

Perhaps, there’s a long and endless list to do in Salem that you might want to try crossing out.  How about Shopping at Salem Center?   Maybe you want to drive downtown and shop at Salem Center.  You’ll see a multi-building enclosed shopping center. It provides almost everything you need!

 Visiting Wineries in Salem

After some shopping, you may want to take a sip of wine from Salem’s award-winning wineries. Take some tours and wine tasting to Honeywood Winery Inc. They’re specializing in fruit wines, specialty wines, and varietal wines.

 Taking your family to Riverfront Park

Also, you may want to take your children to the Riverfront Park. It is the city’s premier urban event park.  Truly, it is home to the Salem Carousel. What a lovely sight to enjoy the large grassy areas, play equipment, an amphitheater, a splash pad, and a covered Rotary Pavilion! Perhaps, this park is also close to other businesses and restaurants.  Happily, there’s no hassle in grabbing some meals together after bonding time as a family.

Trying out the Town’s Best Restaurants 

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Moreover, I’m sure that you can’t resist the new American cuisine with some international flavors and craft cocktails offered in a casual, contemporary space. In just a 4 minutes’ drive, you can go from Riverfront Park to Amadeus Restaurant. They offer a wide variety of recipes.   Pick your best choice from pizza to risotto with meat, poultry, seafood to vegetables. Plus, they also have extensive dessert and beverage menus to indulge your taste buds.

Taking your children to the Willamette University

You’ll surely also want to ensure your children’s future.  Plan to take them to decent schools. Well, try taking them to Willamette University.  Based on Niche Ranks,  it ranks #1 in Best Colleges in Salem Area. They are encouraging innovation and collaboration across academic disciplines. Also, they’re producing graduates who excel as 21st-century thinkers in a continually changing world.

Moreover, whatever you want to do, Salem is just the perfect place for you. Salem is waiting for you to open your door for its endless great opportunities—-for your life and your family if you choose to stay here. 

Fun Facts About the City of Salem

Salem is the capital city of Oregon. Set amid a park with gardens, the domed Oregon State Capitol contains a collection of art by Oregon artists. The Hallie Ford Museum of Art includes works by Pacific Northwest and Native American artists. The Willamette Heritage Center includes a Victorian wool mill, plus 19th-century homes with period furnishings. The Bush House Museum is an Italianate mansion built-in 1878.
Weather76°F (24°C), Wind NW at 11 mph (18 km/h), 43% Humidity
ZIP Codes97301–97306 and 97308–97314
Population173,442 (2018)
Local timeFriday 7:58 PM
The 143-acre historic district also contains the city’s largest concentration of Clarence Smith, a well-known Oregon architect, homes and Lord, and Schryver gardens. The oldest home in the district, the Smith-Fry House, dates back to 1859.
Smith Frye H

We know Salem and we live work and play here. I hope you support your local plumbers in Salem City Oregon.