Are you thinking of buying a portable water heater for your cabin, boat, or RV?

There are countless of options right now in the market. You should have at least some knowledge of these portable water heaters. 

Some important things to consider are:

  1. Does it deliver hot water on-demand?
  2. What is the temperature range?
  3. Is it tankless? If not, does it come with an amply sized tank?
  4. Does it come with rechargeable batteries?
  5. Is it energy efficient?
  6. Is it durable?

Hot water on-demand

While there are portable water heaters that require waiting time, reportedsome can heat water in as little as 10-30 seconds. Another essential feature to look for is how much a portable hot water heater can produce. says that most models can pump 1.5 to 3 gallons in just a few minutes.

Temperature range

Temperature ranges should be around 45-150 degrees. Hence, heaters should also have safety features such as auto-shutoff to prevent overheating, as mentioned at  Besides users may also opt to keep heaters safe at lower temperatures. In this way, it also maximizes the life of the portable water heater unit.


At, there are still some models that come attached with tanks.  Most of them are already tankless and able to produce hot water efficiently powered either by liquid propane or electricity.

Rechargeable batteries

For the campers and hikers who like to go off-the-grid, portable water heaters should be compact and lightweight. An avid outdoors-man would easily choose propane-powered heaters.  Why? They can be ignited readily and are not dependable on the availability of electricity. Models using propane usually runs with cell batteries.

Energy efficient and durable

Portable water heaters using liquid propane heat water faster than electronically powered heaters. According to,,  as electronic water heaters require a power plug for it to function, it is mostly advised for RVs and residential units.  This type mounts to a wall or a sturdy surface. Hence, lessening its portability. For the adventurous campers and hikers, propane-fueled heaters are convenient  and can give hot showers even on top of a hill.

Important feature of portable water heater is a bright display of the temperature of the heated water.  It allows the user to set it  up in one go!  Also, the says that the portable water heater should  dispense hot water consistently.

No one should have to shower with cold water in between, especially if you are on a frozen mountain range camping the night away.