Why do you need to consider repiping your house plumbing?

You heard the pipes are rattling, clanging, clacking, and making noise when the water flows through the pipes. You also discovered a leak, and the water has a yellowish color. You need to call the plumber to inspect it right away.

You called a plumber in Salem, But then the plumber is telling you that you need to repipe the entire house. It would be best if you did not wait to get it done because this problem may cost you the whole house.

Here are some warning signs to consider why you need to repipe your house plumbing.

    • Your House Plumbing is over 50 years old – The house pipes usually last longer; however, because of so many factors to consider including wear and tear over the years, the pipes may become unsafe to flow the water.
    • Hazardous Materials – A. Lead pipes should be removed immediately; it is the most dangerous type of material. B. Polybutylene pipes tend to leak and have a deficient life span. C. Galvanized steel made and installed in 1970 is already eroding inside and outside the tubes.
    • Your Pipes are Leaking – it’s probably just a small issue that is easy to fix; however, if all the items above (1 and 2) are check, don’t think twice. Here in Oregon, leaky pipes are one of the causes of the development of molds that can spread to the entire house. It will eventually make your home inhabitable.
    • Visible Corrosion on Pipes – if you see stains or discoloration on your running water, chances are your pipes are corroding inside. Outdated galvanized steel pipes are highly susceptible to corrosion due to age and the materials used. 
    • Low Water Pressure – if you are experiencing low water flow, the most common reasons are corrosion and sediment buildup. They both block the water from passing through the entire pipe and put unneeded pressure on particular sections of the tube. It may also cause the pipes to burst from the water pressure.
    • Water Discoloration – Yellowish, reddish or brownish color in your running water are the clear signs that corrosion and sediment built up in your pipes are present. Please don’t wait too long to get it to repipe because a more severe problem is nagging at you.
    • The Water Taste Like Rusty and it doesn’t smell right – Fresh, clean water should be free from any taste and smell. These two signs are also telling you to consider repiping your house. Using this water in your cooking may cause serious health issues.

What Does it Take?

Repiping your house can either be a complete redo job where the entire home’s plumbing system needs new piping. Yes, the whole house plumbing, the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. The plumber can give you different options on how to do it fast and in a less costly manner.

Make sure you hire a reliable Salem plumber for Repiping your house. The experienced plumber knows how to cut sections of drywall out to remove old pipes and install new ones. 

How Long Does It Take Repiping a House?

Repiping a house can take a few hours for a simple minor pipe repair or replacement, but it can take up to 1-2 weeks for larger homes needing the entire plumbing system repiped. It’s essential to hire an efficient and skilled plumber for this project. 

Hire enough contractors if you have a big home because it could take several weeks to repipe your entire house. The best time to do repiping is in spring or summer so; you don’t have to worry about cold temperatures during the repiping process to avoid delays. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Be prepared, the costs for repiping a house have different price points. The cost in the US may cost from $600 to $2,000 to repipe a single feature and expect to pay anywhere from $4-15K for a complete repiping installation.

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Does Repiping a House Add Value?

While repiping a house doesn’t add extra value to a home, it does bring it up to market value. A house that needs to be repiping will be valued under market value because it’s a red flag to potential homeowners. We suggest you talk to your local realtor to learn more about the value of your home. 

Do you have to rethink repiping your house?

If your house has lead pipes, you should consider repiping your home sooner than late. Old problematic pipes could be harmful to your health by allowing the lead to seep into your water supply. No water filter you buy can definitively remove lead from your drinking water.

While repiping your home seems like a big, costly project to undertake (and it is), it’s best to replace those pipes before more extensive, more expensive problems arise. 

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