RV hot water heaters bring the residential water heater comfort to your RV.

It operates like it, but it’s different in other ways. It’s much smaller than the residential RV, with 6 – 10 gallons storage tank capacity. However, tankless water heaters are also available and have gained popularity in RVs.

RV Hot Water Heater Types

  • RV Electric Water Heater

RV Electric Water Heater was featured in early RVs. It is running on a 120-volt power source.


  • It maintains your RV’s water temperature better than gas water heaters.
  • The heating element cycles turns on and off when needed. If you don’t need it, you don’t have to turn the heater off.


  • Shore power or generator needs to be connected to the RV electric heater to make it works.
  • RV Electric Water Heaters requires a considerable amount of electricity to work. It might not work correctly when the power is limited, especially if you’re using other electric-powered appliances like air conditioners.

 Propane Only RV Water Heater

Propane RV water heaters are the original style of heating RVs water. It will be functional as long as you have propane gas in your tank and 12v power in your RV batteries.


  • It features faster water heating and can produce twice as much hot water than electric heaters.
  • You can have hot water even if you’re not plugged into shore power or a generator.



  • It still needs 12-volt power to operate, and once your gas runs, so does your hot water.
  • It doesn’t work while driving because the wind blows the pilot’s light.

Leading RV Water Heater Brands

  • Atwood RV water heaters are one of the most popular RV water heater brands. Some even say that it is the best. Their high-strength aluminum core tank separates their product from other brands. It reduces the water heater’s service cost and maintenance because it eliminates an anode rod’s need.
  • Suburban RV water heaters are another most loved brand when it comes to RV water heaters. Perhaps, using a porcelain liner on the steel tanks and the anode rod for corrosion protection is the Suburban models’ primary advantage. Their unit can last and run for many years with the proper maintenance.

RV water heaters are a must when you want a comfortable road trip. It feels like you’ll bring your home to the road whenever you go. Just buy the best RV water heater for you and then hit the road.