Want an RV water heater when you go camping?

Absolutely! The heating of water is essential, especially when you want to travel during cold weather. Nowadays, modern RV’s come with individual RV water heaters. Various sizes and types are available that will fit your lifestyle. If you’re considering buying or upgrading your RV’s water heater, it is best to know more about them.

 Different Types of RV’s Water Heater:

 1. Electric Ignition / Direct Spark Ignition (DSI)

Direct Spark Ignition or DSI RV water heater, such as Atwood 6 Gallon LP with DSI, is the most conventional RVs water heater today. This type of water heater is fully automatic. Once your tank filled with water, all you have to do in is flip the switch to turn it on.  

 2. Pilot Ignition

This type of water heaters like the Suburban 6 Gallon LP/Pilot model is the second most popular type of RV’s water heater. Its been around for several years already because of their reliability and simplicity. But in this type, it is less expensive than DSI models. Part of its feature is that you need to lit the pilot light manually to turn it on.

 3. RV Tankless Water Heater

As the name implies, RV Tankless Water Heater, like the Atwood On-Demand Water Heater, doesn’t require a water storage tank. With the unlimited supply of hot water,  you no longer have to wait and worry about running out of it.

4. RV Electric Water Heater

This type of RV water heater operates by 120 volts alternating current (AC), which is a feature on some early RVs. When plugged into shore power or generator, it is only time it becomes functional.

5. Propane/ Electric Combo

This propane and electric combo like the Atwood 6 Gallon LP/Electric/DSI model has an electric element inside the water storage tank. It can operate either on propane when RV is boondocking.  Also, it works at 120 volts AC when plug in at the campground.

Those are some of RVs Water Heater types now, let’s discuss the two leading brands of RV Water Heaters.

 1.   Atwood Water Heaters

Atwood Water Heaters is the largest manufacturer of RV and marine water heaters. Here are some of Atwood Water Heaters features:

  • In comparison to Suburban models, the Atwood water heater is lighter
  • It has an aluminum-clad tank that eliminates the need for an anode rod.
  • Water heater sizes vary from six to ten gallons.

 2. Suburban Water Heater

Suburban Water Heater has been the supplier of the RV industry for 40 years. Here are some of its feature:

  • It has a porcelain- steel tank with an anode rod that absorbs corrosion to prolong the life of the water heater.
  • It has more RV water heater sizes. They provide water heaters from 4,6,12,10 to 16-gallon sizes.

Moreover, if you’re planning to travel in a recreational vehicle with a water heater, you should take safety precautions. Carefully read the instruction manual, which came with your RV water heater for more precautions. Perhaps remember to inspect your RV water heater regularly from any malfunctions. It should be repaired and maintained at regular intervals. 

You can do some repairs and maintenance on your own, but it would be best to call for a qualified mechanic.